A crime against Palestine – Wissam Abu Zeid

By Wissam Abu Zeid | April 20, 2011 | Maan

The last thing a supporter of the Palestinian cause expects is to be kidnapped and killed in an atrocious way by a “ Palestinian group.”

Vittorio Arrigoni a member of the international solidarity movement, was killed few days ago. Arrigoni, who left his country, Italy, and his fiancee, to come to the Gaza Strip to be with thousands of Palestinians who have been under Israeli siege for more than five years. He was representing many pro-Palestine activists from all over the world who believe that the Palestinians should get their legitimate and inalienable rights.

These supporters started their struggle alongside the Palestinian struggle many years ago. Many of them died for the sake of our freedom, like Rachel Corrie who was crushed to death by an Israeli caterpillar bulldozer, while trying to prevent the demolishing of a Palestinian house in Gaza.

This crime should raise awareness of the need to end Palestinian division. The “deposed government” in Gaza is responsible for this crime due to the environment it is creating, which allows the mushrooming of fundamental groups that carry extremist and criminal acts. Instead of protecting their factional interests, they must stop all kinds of incitement in the Palestinian society.

As a Palestinian I was shocked to hear that a Palestinian group kidnapped Arrigoni and demanded a ransom to set him free. Those who committed this crime are not Palestinians in patriotism nor in traditions. They are strangers to our struggle and serve a non-Palestinian agenda.

Our image in the international society suffered a major setback after this horrible act of murder. In order to preserve our image in the minds of our supporters, we have to convince them of our complete condemnation of this crime in the strongest terms. This is not expressed in messages of condolence and words of denouncement, it is achieved by starting a transparent and immediate investigation that leads to bringing the criminals to justice.

Vittorio is a loss for us as Palestinians because we wanted him to continue his struggle, along with all his comrades in ISM, alongside our people to build our independent state. The hands of evil offered a free service for the Israeli occupation by committing this crime. Israel is ready to take advantage of the absence of unity in the Palestinian community.

Wissam Abu Zeid is a Palestinian writer living in Lebanon.



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