Family committee of West Bank detainees holds Abbas responsible for life of Natsha

[ 20/04/2011 – 09:55 AM ]

Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– The family committee of West Bank prisoners held de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and Al-Khalil governor Kamel Khalil fully responsible for the life of senior Hamas official Nabil Al-Natsha who suffers from cancer in the neck.

Natsha is one of the most prominent national figures in Al-Khalil city and one of Marj Azzuhour exiles.

The committee affirmed that Natsha is locked up in a solitary cell and in dire need for ongoing medical care because of his cancer disease.

It said that the Palestinian Authority’s preventive security postponed his military trial until next month after it delayed it many times before.

In another context, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and the PA militias summon Palestinian young men for interrogation on a daily basis.

Mohamed Abdulrahman from Ramallah said the Israeli intelligence summoned him one day before the PA militias detained him and asked him about the questions the Israeli officer asked him during the interrogation.

He added that he saw many young men outside the office of the Israeli intelligence officer and one day later he also saw many others waiting for their turn to be interrogated outside the PA intelligence office.

Human rights organizations document dozens of summonses issued daily and alternately by both the IOF and the PA militias against Palestinian citizens in the occupied Palestinian lands. Some of the summoned citizens are detained after interrogation and some others are blackmailed and pressured before their release.

In another incident, different local sources on Wednesday reported that the PA militias kidnapped four Palestinian citizens thought to be affiliated with Hamas Movement in Al-Khalil, Nablus, and Ramallah cities.



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