New Settlement near Awarta, Northern West Bank

21.04.11 – 13:33 | PNN

Nablus – PNN- Israeli settlers announced on Wednesday night a new settlement to be built on lands owned by the villagers of Awarta, located near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.


Awarta village – Archive

Radical settler leader, Daniela Fays, told Israeli media that the new settlement will be named Ragiv, and it will have no limits to its borders, adding that she will head this new settlement, “ 20 new families will leave everything behind and move to this settlement”   Fays added.

On Wednesday the Israeli army bulldozers and troops constructed the road leading to the new settlement and connected power lines providing the settlement with electricity.

Villagers of Awarta said that 500 settlers came to the location on the new settlement and laid the cornerstone and celebrated the start of the settlement which already has two homes and a tent step by settlers.

Qayies Awad, head of Awarta village council, told local media that since the early hours of Thursday morning settlers under the protection of the military started to build the infrastructure needed for the new settlement.

Awarta lies directly under the illegal settlement of Itamar, where a settler family was killed last month. The army accused two teens from Awarta of the attack after invading the village and surrounding it for almost a month after the attack on Itamar.



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