PLO: The US Senators Resolution on Rescinding Goldstone Report is a Severe Mistake

20.04.11 – 17:32 | PNN – Palestine News Network

Ramallah – PNN – The Palestine Liberation Organization Department of International Relations today condemned the US Senators Resolution last week calling the UN to rescind the Goldstone report which accuses Israel of committing war crimes by intentionally killing Palestinian civilians during the 2008 war on Gaza.



The US Senate unanimously voted last Friday in favor of a resolution calling on the United Nations Human Rights Council to rescind the Goldstone report on the 23 day long operation doped “Cast lead”.

The US Senate asked the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon to revoke any associated  UN general assembly and UN Human Rights council resolutions, and to do all in his power to redress the damage to Israel’s reputation  and to reform” the Human Rights Council so that it no longer unfairly, disproportionately and falsely criticizes Israel on a regular basis.

The PLO says this is an American license for Israel to kill more of the Palestinian civilians. In this case, the International community should provide Palestinian people with International protection, stated the PLO.




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