Subaru Car Ad In Israel Shows “Power” By Running Over Palestinian Children

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Friday April 22, 2011 03:38 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

A new advertisement in Israel, meant to show the “power and durability” of the Japanese Subaru car, caused outrage after showing a Subaru driven by a Jewish settler striking two Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem.

The advertisement was published by the Subaru dealership in Israel, featuring an incident that took place last year when the settler struck two Palestinian children with his Subaru car.

The settler, known to the Israeli police, fled the scene after injuring the two children. The attack was capture on video.

“We Will See Who Can Stand Against You”, was written in the right corner of the horrific picture of a Palestinian child flying into the air after being rammed by the settlers’ Subaru.

The victims were two Palestinian children aged 10 and 12. The 10-year-old child suffered a broken leg. The settler is at large, and is not even wanted for his crime.

The Fateh movement of President Mahmoud Abbas slammed the Subaru ad and described it as an act of aggression, promoting the harm and murder of Palestinian children.

The settler who rammed the children with his car was identified as David Be’eri, Director-General of the Elad settlement organization, an extremist settler real estate corporation that heavily promotes removing the Palestinians from Palestine, especially from Jerusalem, and replacing them with Jewish settlers.

The Elad movement heavily encourages Jewish settlers to move into Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, and provides them with financial support. Most of its financial comes from Zionist groups in the United States.

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Read the article in Arabic as it was posted on Apr 20, 2011

The Palestinian Government Media Center  called on Subaru to take action, but did not receive an answer.

PGMC calls on Subaru to take action against disgraceful image

The Palestinian Government Media Center called on Subaru Israel to take action against an advertisement which uses a picture of Palestinian children being hit by a car in an incident which attracted wide condemnation in October 2010, involving a prominent settler who deliberately ran them down.  It is not clear whether this is a genuine advertisement or whether someone is making use of the Subaru logo. The PGMC has asked the company to take action to prevent any further display of this image under its name.

The PGMC wrote to Subaru: “It has come to our attention that someone made a horrible use of a picture showing an Israeli settler running over two Palestinian children in East Jerusalem. The picture was used as a commercial ad to promote Subaru cars, it included Subaru logo and a slogan saying: “Let see who can stand in front of us”.

“We urge you to take all necessary steps to stop the circulation of this despicable and disgraceful ad and condemn it.”


Beside the ad is disgusting, it is even more disgusting that of all atrocities committed by colonists, people seem to find over 6000 times only this particular re-post of by media published news while the daily and every day reality is even more shocking.

The ignorance of the world about this even more sickening….  Hit & Run by jewish extremist settlers are an almost standard attack tactic…. besides many other means to kill, ethnic cleans or “get rid” of Muslim AND Christian or other religiously involved inhabitants of  Palestine.

Settlers which are in fact illegal present  in the West Bank or Occupied territories according to : International Law, Geneva Convention (1949) and Hague Convention (1907), The Hague Regulations ( Obligations of Occupier )

█▌Special updates | For the “fans” of this website at the forum: Please don’t insult your own intelligence and try for once using your own mind (even if it hurts using your brain yourself in stead of blind following propaganda which has been stuffed into your heads…..) And thanks for the “hits” you’re doing a great job bringing traffic to this weblog! 

Some other Hit&Run Attacks by Illegal colonists:



How appaling hit & runs are, but totally normalized and even awarded by zionist media, behold:

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So You actually think it is about Muslim? Arab? Get A Life! Wakeup!

You knew this whole thing actually isn’t about Judaism, Islam or religion, fo many Christians co-exist in peace with Muslims, for many Palestinians ARE Christians. So probably you didn’t know either, 100.000 Christians got ethnically cleansed by expulsion in 1948 in the name of the creation of the state of “Israel” when the Irgun (A jewish terrorist gang – look it up in google if you like)  committed about 77 massacres and eradicated over 500 villages among which, yes you guess right: also Christian ones…

Even Americans get targeted as for example Rachel Corrie, an American Activist who was crushed to death by a Caterpillar Bulldozer of Israeli Defence Forces
Hence, the list is endless…. So don’t forget!! : Any NON Zionist, especially NON JEW ZIONIST is a goy and stays one. Better have a look at this too when you want to be sure you didn’t miss something and won’t say afterwards… “Wir haben es nicht gewusst…”:

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US Americans “Love” to  be kept Ignorant

US Americans kept stupid by their own government & the Big “Secret “Lobby

US Americans “Love” to pay for it as well!  Israel’s atrocities,  funded by US Tax payers’ Dollars:

(Think of that every hour you work why your government doesn’t fix the social system in your own country first!)

Oh yes and after several civil wars in US for “Equality”, “Justice” & the End of “Slavery”…

US funding Apartheid in Israel:

To learn about the truth behind occupation, the ethnic cleansing & the Nakba 

Or let them tell them yourself!

More Sources

So when you get “shocked” next time about an “ad”, “the arabs” or whatever you call Palestinian people, better get shocked about the one who made an add like this and how sickening such an activity is at itself, but better be shocked about the daily violence on Palestinian people and how the world sleeps on, kept in ignorance or (self) denial, influenced by the 96% Jewish owned and Israel Hasbara Propaganda machine’s publications to keep you stupid and  ignorant or totally unaware of what is happening every day, in and out, again and again in Gaza and West Bank, Palestine.

Violence is not a divine teaching in Judaism. Real Judaism condemns every form of violence.
Zionism, is the new reinvented Nazism of today. Silence on this, is complicity….

Still don’t understand? Maybe comprehensive reading is too hard on you. Try than to watch this movie:

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