Jesus Christ & The Zionists Horror At Passover

Kawther Salam | Apr 23, 2011

Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), who is the son of God in the Christian tradition and a prophet in the Muslim religion, would not be satisfied with the spread of the zionist terrorism in his homeland PALESTINE. He would clearly be sad and distance himself from the violent terrorist activities organized by the violent extremist groups like Yesha, Amana, Gush Emunim, Bnei Akiva, … taking place in his country PALESTINE, terrorizing his descendants, while they celebrate his murder on the cross during Pesach in the heart of the city of the prophets, Hebron. (Click once on the Pictures to make them bigger. Credit Image: © Issam Rimawi/apaimages/

Some weeks ago, on Wednesday March 2 2011, Pope Benedict XVI made a sweeping exoneration of the jewish people for the death of Jesus Christ in one of his latest decrees, saying that “it is not true that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus’ death”. This is certainly true, as it was Caiaphas and the high priests around him who conspired to have the Romans execute Jesus, but anyone who watches the jewish celebrations of Passover (Pesach) in Hebron and the rest of extremists colonies spread in the occupied territories would conclude that the advisory opinion of Pope Benedict XVI is pure hypocrisy, because these distraught creatures only understood that they have been exonerated from their own crimes and now behave as if they were given a license to insult the tradition brought by Jesus to all humanity and spill the blood of all Palestinians in the HOLY Palestine with impunity.

We the Palestinians are the ONLY descendants of Jesus Christ, the European colonists have lost NOTHING in our homeland, and they have no business there. We distance ourselves from the exoneration the of the jews decreed by of Pope Benedict, not because of its substance but because it is politically extremely unfortunate, as bad as his past decree ordering Catholic parishes around the world to cover up child abusers among the priests. The colonists who never stop perpetrating crimes in Palestine, the homeland of Jesus, against us Palestinians, the descendants of Jesus who was submitted to much suffering and pain in Palestine, understood the Papal decree in exactly the way they wanted. Jesus was born and executed on the cross in his country.

Whatever Pope Benedict XVI says in his edicts is his own opinion. We the Palestinians do not need to read the words of the Pope in order to know what is going on our country. The horrible crimes perpetrated every day by the zionist colonists in Palestine are bigger than to hear, to read or even to think about the words of the Pope.

On April 17 2011, the Palestinian expressed there opinion about Jesus with the fantastic performance by Palestinian Christians of ‘Operetta Waladi Wahidi’ or “The Operetta of I have Wahidi” or “the Operetta I have Only Son”. At the stage of the Ramallah Cultural Palace, the 850 seats were fully sold out, prompting hundreds more to sit on the floor.

Faten Khoury, director of the event ‘Operetta Waladi Wahidi’, told media representatives at the end of the two-hour show: “We want to state with this Operetta that Jesus Christ was a Palestinian and that he suffered lots in Palestine. We want to remind everybody in this country and outside that Palestine is for the Palestinians, and that our youth should stay in this country and not LEAVE the land of Jesus no matter how difficult or horrible the circumstances”.

On April 17 2011 and until today April 22 2011, the Passover brought further restrictions and horrors upon Palestinians who live in Hebron and the rest of the occupied West Bank. At the beginning of the jewish festival of Passover (Pesach), an exacerbation of the restrictions of movement was imposed on poor Palestinians, the ones who suffered the most from the daily abuses and disgusting behavior of the the colonists living in Hebron.

The Ibrahimi Mosque lies to the east of the Old City of Hebron, this Mosque is the fourth holiest site in Islam. At Passover, the Ibrahimi mosque was opened only to the scum of the jewish militant groups, the so-called “worshippers” who only worship the money and blood of others.  All the gates allowing entrance to and exit from the Old City market on the East were shut to Palestinian residents and non-Jewish visitors.

This measure caused significant difficulties for the Palestinian teachers and pupils going to their schools. During Passover in Hebron, the Palestinians must stay in their homes behind closed doors and windows. It is forbidden to open the windows of your home, to go to your school, to hospital, to make shopping or whatever else you need to do in the basics of the daily life. If you have an emergency, like if somebody has heart attack, or if a woman wants to give birth, then THEY MUST DIE at home so that the zionist pigs who live in Hebron don’t feel disturbed from the heights of their trip of bloodthirsty righteousness. The exoneration for the death of Jesus Christ by Pope Benedict XVI is enjoyed by the extremist squatters in Hebron by celebrating the memory of the crucifixion of Jesus. During their celebration of this horror, Palestinians are not allowed to move in their own homeland. Everybody stay at home, nobody is allowed to go to the hospital, and ambulances are not allowed to evacuate emergencies. Imagine if something like this happened in the US or the EU during the jewish Passover. How would people react if non-jews shut into their houses and denied all freedom of movement so that a few jews can walk undisturbed to their synagogues???

A lady whose house is on Shuhada Street, the street along which the Jewish colonists walk, said: “In the morning the Israeli police allowed children (8 -12) and teachers to cross Shuhada Street to the old market (the Al-qasaba Souq) on their way to school. At midday, when schools ended for the children and the teachers tried to make the return trip, the Israeli soldiers and police initially refused to allow them to cross al-Shuhada Street, saying that the Old City market was closed.

According to some international groups present in Hebron, teachers and international observers asked the Israeli police to let the children cross the street. The police pointed out to an officer of the Israeli police saying that he himself was not allowed to let the children to cross Shuhada Street. The policeman suggested that the children walk three miles around the city as an alternative way to return home.


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