Hebron Names Park after Arrigoni

Date : 24/4/2011   Time : 16:11 Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA

HEBRON, April24, 2011 (WAFA)- Youth Development Society in Beit Ula, western Hebron Sunday named a park after the murdered Italian activist, Vittorio Arrigoni, in honor of his support for the Palestinian Cause.

Minister of Local Government, Khaled Qawasmi, attended the inauguration ceremony and condemned Arrigoni’s assassination, stressing that the murder does not reflect Palestinian moral values.

Some representatives of official and civil institutions, representatives of public and local communities in addition to the Society’s volunteers from Hebron and Bethlehem attended the ceremony and condemned Arrigoni’s assassination.

Arrigoni arrived to Gaza by sea twice, in two ships that broke the blockade in 2008. He was kidnapped by a radical Salafist group in Gaza on April 13 in order to exchange him for imprisoned leader of the group. His body was found the next day in an abandoned house in Gaza.




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