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NO ….. this is not meant to be a comical post as you might imagine from the image, this is a very serious matter.
Events of this week reminded me of an old Jewish joke, first some background… it must be known that in many synagogues in New York, ‘tickets’ must be purchased to secure a seat during the High Holidays….
There was an instance when a man came to one of these synagogues to visit a friend, told the guy at the door that he was only going in for a few minutes to visit with Mr. Grenspan. The guard replied with’ OK, but you better not let me catch you praying!”
That was what it was like in Jerusalem this Easter. Christian Pilgrims were allowed to visit the Holy City but access to their Holy Sites was denied. Despite a statement and appeal from Kairos Palestine, this situation has not changed. It was not only Palestinian Christians that were affected, it was tourists as well.
This was literally seeing in action what Gideon Levy wrote about yesterday in a piece he called  At home and abroad, Israelis ignore the rest of the world.
It can be read HERE.
In the real world, behaviour such as this is completely not acceptable, in Israel it seems to be the norm…
Following are some related reports…
Honestly, is this the type of country you want to continue supporting? THEN WHY ARE YOU??
Join the Boycott and Divestment Movement…. start with THESE products.
Israel is boycotting you, get them back where it hurts!


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