Bahr to Abbas: Free yourself of external pressures to end Palestinian rift

[ 26/04/2011 – 09:11 AM ]

AMMAN, (PIC)– Deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Ahmed Bahr called on de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to rid himself of Zio-American pressures in order to end the inter-Palestinian division.

In a press statement to the Jordanian newspaper Assabeel on Monday, Bahr stressed that the Palestinian reconciliation for Hamas is a national and political need.

He strongly denounced the Palestinian authority and its security apparatuses for indulging themselves in the quagmire of their security cooperation with the Israeli occupation at the expense of the Palestinian people.

“Unfortunately, the term ‘security coordination’ became mild as the security apparatuses in the West Bank became agencies working for the Zionist security institutions and arresting resistance fighters on their behalf, and this is shocking, the lawmaker said.

The lawmaker expressed his belief that the West Bankers would rise sooner or later against their executioner and oppressor.

Speaking about the recent visit made by a delegation from Hamas to Cairo, he stated they met with different Egyptian political and military officials as well as national figures and described the visit as positive and promising.


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