Abu Rudeineh: Agreement is an Internal Palestinian Affair

Date : 27/4/2011   Time : 23:02

RAMALLAH, April 27, 2011 (WAFA) – Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said Wednesday that the agreement between Fatah and Hamas declared in Cairo “is an internal affair and Israel had nothing to do with it, nor is it a party to it.”

He said “the agreement strengthens Palestinian unity and its just struggle to establish its independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Abu Rudeineh responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threats to the Palestinian Authority to choose between peace with Israel and Hamas saying that “the Palestine Liberation Organization, as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, is committed to the peace process and its terms of reference.”

He said “the PLO believes the agreement in Cairo strengthens this choice and the national position  because it puts an end to the Israeli claim that says the PLO does not represent the Palestinian people as a result of the division.”

Abu Rudeineh said “Netanyahu should choose between just and comprehensive peace with the Palestinian people and its representative and settlements.”



Israel is outraged. An agreement or unity between Palestinians is their biggest nightmare, for rule and divide serves their real intention: Ethnic cleansing and annexation of the whole of Palestine.

That Israel, never had, nor will have any intention to reach a peace agreement with Palestine you can read here:

and here:

In this ongoing atrocities, funded by US Tax payers:

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