Israeli occupation completes works on Jewish city under Aqsa Mosque

[ 27/04/2011 – 07:28 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli occupation has finished works on one of the largest and most important excavation sites, a tunnel linking the southern and western parts of an alleged historic Jewish city under the Aqsa Mosque and surrounding areas.

Under the almost complete project, Israel can organize tours of the Jewish city without causing friction with Palestinians, a report by Jerusalem Foundation International says.

The report titled the ”State of Jerusalem” details that the demolition of the illegally acquired Shepherd Hotel in the Sheikh Jarrah district was part of the largest settlement project around the Old City to date after Israel’s full occupation of Jerusalem in 1967.

The project was designed to bypass one of the most difficult obstacles in Judaizing neighborhoods near the Old City and Aqsa Mosque, a process aimed at isolating Arab neighborhoods in central Jerusalem from outlying Jewish neighborhoods, eventually ending geographic connection between the locations and preventing future Palestinian sovereignty over them.

Israel admitted that during the last three months, more than 1,500 units were built in Gilo in the south and Pisgat Ze’ev in the north after containing US and European pressure to curb settlement activity using a revolving door policy.

The plan to establish Jerusalem as a Jewish capital was not limited to settlement expansion, the report highlights.

Israel admitted in February to a plan to build a military base in the heart of the city just hundreds of meters away from the northeastern part of the Old City.

The project that ends chances for future Palestinian rule over even the Arab sections of the city makes US and European talks to make Jerusalem a capital for two states ”talk in the air”, the report says.



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