NGO asks world help ahead of Israeli prisoner rights suit

[ 26/04/2011 – 05:44 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Mandela prisoner affairs organization in Palestine has asked for global backing as it proceeds to file a lawsuit against the Israeli prison authority over the continued isolation of Palestinian prisoner Ahmed Youssef Ahmed al-Maghrabi.

Maghrabi has been detained since May 27, 2002 and dealt 18 life sentences. He has not seen his wife one time since he his arrest. He was allowed a visit by his son who was born while he was behind bars for the first time during the only visit ever by his mother in 2005.

The prison has denied further visits by his now eight-year-old son claiming that he poses a threat to the state of Israel.

Separately, an Israeli court has sentenced an Al-Khalil man who suffers motor impairments in both his hands and feet to eight months in prison for allegedly trying to stab an Israeli, the Tadhamon human rights organization reported.

“When Tadhamon’s lawyer visited [the man Nouridden Mohammed Ashour, 32] in the Ramle prison hospital to check his health status, it was apparent that the prisoner was physically disabled and suffered from paralysis in his hands and feet and couldn’t hold a pen. So how can he plan to stab an Israeli?” Tadhamon researcher Ahmed al-Beitawi said in a fresh statement.

Beitawi said the Ramle prison hospital has not provided the prisoner special medication and said he has been receiving the same treatment he received in the Ofer prison before being transferred to the hospital.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Israeli authorities returned a group of Palestinian as they tried to pass a checkpoint in Tulkarem district on their way to visiting family members held in Israeli prisons.

The authorities turned back three bus-loads of prisoner families who attained permits to visit family members in the Megiddo, Shata and Ramon prisons.



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