Rival Palestinian Factions Reach Reconciliation Agreement

Wednesday April 27, 2011 19:35 by George Rishmawi – IMEMC News

Hamas and Fatah sign a reconciliation draft agreement in Cairo Egypt Wednesday evening following rounds of talks, with hope to end a four-year internal unrest in the Palestinian Territories, Palestinian media sources reported.

Cartoon by Palestinian Cartonnist Majed Badra
Cartoon by Palestinian Cartonnist Majed Badra

Both parties agreed, under Egyptian supervision, to form a transitional government soon. The two delegations, headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Fatah movement and Khaled Mashaal, Hamas’ politburo chief, discussed the security issue and ways to coordinate the two security forces that Hamas and Fatah control. They have set a date for general elections to take place, however, it is not disclosed yet.

A Hamas official reported that all points of differences with Fatah have been overcome. During the past month, Palestinian youth protested in a number of West Bank and Gaza areas calling for ending division.

Egyptian sources said that the two parties will be invited into Egypt soon to an official signing ceremony.



Israel is outraged. An agreement or unity between Palestinians is their biggest nightmare, for rule and divide serves their real intention: Ethnic cleansing and annexation of the whole of Palestine.

That Israel, never had, nor will have any intention to reach a peace agreement with Palestine you can read here:

and here:

In this ongoing atrocities, funded by US Tax payers:

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