Nazi rabbis call for expulsion of non-Jews from Palestine

[ 27/04/2011 – 09:09 PM ]

Rabbi Dov Lior

From Khalid Amayreh

A conference of Nazi-minded rabbis in Israel has called for the expulsion of non-Jews, especially Palestinians, from occupied Palestine in order to maintain the “ethnical and religious purity of the peoples of Israel.”

“Today there is a lot of land in Saudi Arabia and in Libya, too. There is a lot of  land in other  places,” Dov Lior, the Nazi-minded rabbi of Kiryat Araba, an illegal settlement near Hebron, told the so-called fourth annual Ramale conference on  Tuesday.

The main  theme of the conference centered on how to get non-Jews in mandatory Palestine to leave the country for the sake  of Jewish immigrants, many without roots in Palestine.

Lior, who in 1994 praised arch-terrorist Baruch Goldstein for massacring 29 Arab worshipers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in downtown Hebron, said peace in the Holy Land was out of question because the Arabs wouldn’t allow Jews to usurp the land.

He claimed that the Arabs were working against “our very existence,” ignoring the fact that Israel itself is based on land theft, ethnic cleansing and aggression and as such could not be accepted by the victims, namely  the Palestinians who are constantly discriminated against, terrorized, deported and  killed for not being  members of the “superior race.”

Among other speakers attending the conference was Rabbi Shmuel Elyahu, notorious for his belief that non-Jews are mentally and intellectually notorious to Jews.

Elyahyu said Israel was fighting a different war over its very essence and character, adding that Jews and non-Jews shouldn’t be allowed to intermix or be neighbors.

He suggested that while fascism was a repugnant idea in general, Jewish fascism was different because it was ordained by God.

Elyahu, son of the equally racist rabbi Mordechai Elyahu, the anti-Gentile rabbi, was the author of the so-called Rabbis letter” which implored Jews not to rent or sell property to non-Jews.

Critics say the letter, which was singed by more than 50 Israeli rabbis last year, resembled to a shocking degree the Nazi-era incitement literature against Jews in Germany when Germans were exhorted to refrain from renting or selling their property to Jews or mixing with them at the social level.

Talab al-Sanaa, an Arab Knesset member representing the Arabs of the Negev in southern Palestine, described some of the rabbis at the conference as “racist animals.”

“These people breathe racism as they breathe oxygen. They think that the lives of non-Jews are worthless and have no sanctity, they think the property of non-Jews belong to Jews, they think that the Almighty created the whole universe for the sake of Jews.”

Some of the more liberal Jewish speakers at the conference strongly rejected the anti-Arab discourse.

“People won’t leave a city if it is a good place to live in, no matter who their neighbors are. I live in a neighborhood with Arabs, and I have no problem” said Acre mayor Shimon Lankari.

He added “with Arabs and Jews there will always be tensions, always.  It is built inside of us and nothing can change this. They watch al-Jazeera and we watch channel 10 and 2, and there is nothing to do about this. If the city is strong, if the population is strong, people won’t leave the city.”

In his hate-filled speech at the conference, the rabbi of  Kiryat Arba suggested that Israel should offer Palestinians financial incentives to leave their ancestral homeland.

Al-Sana retorted that “instead, we are happy to pay for a one-way ticket for him to leave the land.”

“Our land rights are part of our basic rights, and we wouldn’t trade them for any money in the world.”

He noted that most of the speakers at the racism-promoting conference were themselves emigrants from distant lands in Europe and the Americas and those they had no roots in Palestine.



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