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Abeer Eskafi; Children Under Occupation

April 29, 2011 by Palestine at Heart

The photo to the left is of a young Palestinian girl, Abeer Eskafi, holding a picture of her detained uncle, and father. Abeer craved for those heart-wrenching moments, so few and far between, when she could visit, and hold tight in the arms of her detained father, who is serving four life sentences in an Israeli jail. On one of the young girls visits to see her father, the prison guards cruelly denied her to spend those priceless few moments with her father; she was forbidden by these heartless creatures, to receive a hug from her beloved father.

“The Zionists prison guards forbade her from entering to hug her father during her visit. Her accumulated feelings made her scream and cry while pounding on the glass that separated her from her father, and from his side, her dad was doing the same thing. After that visit, Abeer started having involuntary movements in her right shoulder, and then her nerves deteriorated gradually” – Abdul Rahim Eskafi (Abeer’s grandfather)

Abeer broke down psychologically, her health deteriorated and she went into a coma after suffering paralysis. Abeer’s father, Yousuf, suffered a heart attack on hearing about his daughters coma, and had to be rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

“Abeer was like a flower, she’d never been sick before. There were no alarming signs what so ever for what would happen to her. It was a strange reaction” – Abeer’s mother

The photo to the right, is of Abeer critically ill in hospital. Abeer Eskafi, at the age of 10, passed away on Friday, 22nd April, without the hug from her father which she longed-for up until her last living breath.

There is nothing in this world, which saddens me more, than the death of a child. What possible crime did this young girl commit, to be put under such inhumane conditions!? Abeer’s case highlights the sheer brutality of the Zionist occupation to its very core. We must always remember, that a murder does not only consist of weaponry directed towards an innocent being, but also of forced starvation, medical deprivation, and psychological trauma. 10-year-old Abeer died as a direct result of the inhumanity shown by the prison guards as they deprived the young child from touching her father; Abeer was murdered by the Zionist occupation. We must never hold back in identifying the crimes of these heartless souls. The world may turn a blind eye to the everyday Zionist crimes, but we will never stop in revealing this vile state for what it truly is; a terrorist state.

They claim to be the “only democracy in the Middle-East”, while simultaneously, illegally occupying another nation, and ethnically cleansing the INDIGENOUS Palestinian life. Linking “democracy” with an illegal state which was born through terrorism, governed by internationally recognised child murdering war criminals, is the biggest oxymoron I have ever seen.

The Zionist clench on its occupation is deteriorating by every minute, of every day; it cannot continue indefinitely. Now, more than ever, the occupation will be shaking. Yesterday, the Egyptian people marched towards the Israeli embassy in Cairo, demanding the fall of the embassy, the disintegration of the peace-treaty with the Zionist regime, the end to the gas supply to Israel, and they called for the demolition of the Rafah crossing, to lift the Egyptian siege upon Gaza. The Egyptian people chanted: “we got rid of Israel’s agent, now it is time to get rid of Israel!”. Yesterday, we also witnessed the Egyptian mediated agreement between the rival Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, in forming a unity government. The Palestinian people have called for a third intifada, on May 15th, and Insh’Allah in a month time we will witness the Stay Human Freedom Flotilla, sale in to Gaza and break the deadly siege. The occupation is shaking, and no matter what length they go to, in their pathetic, cowardly attempt to kill the will of the people, whether weeping to block a Facebook page calling for a third intifada, or infiltrating the murder of an international human right’s activist, the will of the people will NEVER die, and the occupation is being torn with a thunder beaming with courage and strength. Abeer will be watching very closely down at her homeland as the cries of freedom edge closer towards reality; and when this day comes, she will shed beads of tears through happiness, down from heaven, to be felt by her father. حرية . There is nothing more beautiful than freedom.

There must be something wrong with this world, when a wedding, will tomorrow attract more world attention, than children like Abeer will ever receive. Zionism is a vile disease, but I believe that for every disease, there is a cure. This cure lies in the hands of each and every person who believes in peace and equality, it lies within a persons desire and thirst for world peace, it lies within the courageous hearts of the Palestinian people; the hearts which will very soon, Insh’Allah, beat to their heroic march towards the LIBERATION of JERUSALEM.

“You can’t separate peace from freedom, because no man can be at peace unless he has his freedom” – Malcolm X

This post is dedicated to the beautiful, Abeer Eskafi, and her family. May Allah grant her with the highest rank in Paradise, and may Allah ease the pain of her family as they grieve the loss of their beloved daughter. Ameen.

Insh’Allah, on the 8th May, 2011, I will be part taking in the event to the left, which is a 5K run in my home town of Bolton (UK). I intend to raise funds for; the Samouni Project (Gaza), and an activist’s project in the West Bank. If you would like to sponsor me for this event, or request further information about the Palestinian projects, then please email me on:

100% of your donations will be given to the two causes, and can be sent via PayPal or any other forms which are more convenient for you.

Thankyou all for your generosity, your support, and your interest in this beautiful cause.

Hamzah Nurgat. فلسطين at Heart.

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