Love 4 Palestine | What does it mean to be Palestinian in our time?

What does it mean to be Palestinian in our time?

A question with many differing answers some pleasant and some monstrous. The essence of being a Palestinian is embodied in the spirit of struggle you come to learn and understand from your first step into life and your last one out of it. We are the best of both worlds and we are the worst at the same time, the most loved and the most hated, the most patriotic and the most traitorous, but this is all because as a Palestinian the rest of the world doesn’t apply to you.

You are a rare creature, In the East they think your a dying breed a lost cause while in the West you are a pest they are trying to get rid off. You are a threat to global security a danger a ticking time bomb. The neighbor no one wants, you are the one with the globe’s knife stuck in your back.

Justice to you is not just blind but deaf and a mute, Justice offers you no sympathy It shuts its eyes so it wouldn’t witness your suffering,You cry shout and scream but she is deaf to your pleads, Justice is not justice for a Palestinian for this justice is biased and unfair.

Yet to your own your a gem hidden in the dirt waiting to be found, You are one, You are a people and a cause. Pride and honor fill streets and corners where ever you roam, Freedom fighters and sons of revolutionaries. You are history and culture, a story forgotten but one that will not forget. You are Palestine and every Palestinian.

Through all my life the part of being a Palestinian was never easy, I can’t remember a time it was easy but it something you cant quit. As a child I always used to tell myself “If I was born anything other than Palestinian then I’d wish to be Palestinian”  and thats how I still live my life now. I’m privileged and its gives me great honor and pride that you are one of me and I’m one of you.

So all the hardship ,troubles, sadness and grief Palestinian’s face and no one envies is the price I gladly pay with a smile on my face to be Palestinian. For I love you Palestine and For my love I would give my life for you or live it for you.

Thank you Palestinians & Palestine

Yours Truly

A Palestinian with Love

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