Pro-Zion Seattle never learns… How Zio-Protest prevent a local billboard & launch Intl. Awaress for Palestine

Pro Zion never learns, especially not in Seattle.

Ask the average worldcitizen to point on a map… where exactly is King County Seattle. Probably (and most likely) they point all contintents, but barely are aware of the location, hence, they even wouldn’t see the add anyway as long as they do not get there themselves!


As it weren’t for some zionist- and pro Israel campaigners whos BDS has worked the other way around, after the pathetic protest last december 2010 in the same Seattle we never ever would have known about the ads at all. No see, no hear,  no know nothing at all.

That particular time, pro-zion’s efforts against ads on buses  even managed to cause a real  global stir and attention for the Palestinian cause, and their initial plan to prevent the local busad ended in global attention by mainstream media which always seems to listen to Zionists who prefer to mix up religion with ideology / Israel with Judaism, and in this case as well abused a activists idea for creating awareness for Palestine by saying it was anti-semitic.

Right.  In the meanwhile….

Ads promoting hatred of Muslims approved on NY buses, those supporting Justice for Palestinians banned in Seattle, which of course stayed unmentioned in the media, but what’s in a name. Truth always reveals eventually.

But in stead of keeping Seattle ignorant, prevent Seattle citizens of seeing an ad on a casually passing by bu ad, they reached global awareness for Palestine.

And in April 2011 they are “rocking” Seattle again for this time, the pro-israeli gang in Seattle prevented a BILLBOARD for visual perception but really people…. You rock big time!!

Ffor again it hit mainstream media and worldwide attention for Palestine, so thank you very much for your efforts ( how pathetic they may be… you create more awareness for Palestine than you ever should have wanted) Keep up the good work and succesful PR!!

Below a blogpost of  Gazasolidarity with the details of the BillBoard-BDS Success for Palestine:

Pro-Palestinian billboard ads removed in Seattle after Clear Channel receives ‘complaints’

Posted by gazasolidarity on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 9:39 pm.

Clear Channel is well known for its own peculiar take on democracy – if you don’t agree with them you don’t get a voice. They are now picking on the growing pro-Palestine movement in the US. The campaign by Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign aims to highlight the amount of US tax dollars that go to the Israeli military. And who are these ‘unnamed groups and individuals’ that Clear Channel was so eager to appease?

A controversial pro-Palestinian advertisement has been pulled from Seattle billboards this week. The ad, which was sponsored by the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC), was canceled and pulled from Seattle area Clear Channel Outdoor billboards just days after it was posted.

The billboards featured an image of a child behind a fence and the words, “Equal rights for Palestinians. Stop funding the Israeli military.” The ads also referenced a webpage –

Olivia Lippens, president of Clear Channel Outdoor Seattle, told the group that objections from unnamed groups and individuals had led them to cancel SeaMAC’s contract, according to a statement from SeaMAC. more


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