Egyptian Military: Israel has no Right to Interfere in the Opening of Rafah Crossing

PNN – Palestine News Network  | 30.04.11 – 16:30

Cairo – PNN – The Egyptian Army Chief of Staff, General Sami Adnan, announced on Saturday that the opening of Rafah crossing located on the southern Gaza Borders with Egypt is a Palestinian-Egyptian matter that Israel do not have the right to interfere in.


Rafah crossing

Adnan statement was issued on his Facebook page, shortly after the Egyptian Forging Minister Nabiel al-Arabi announced on Thursday that the crossing will be open for supplies and people in both ways next week, ending the four years long siege on Gaza.

On Friday Israeli officials said that the opening of Rafah crossing could affect Israel’s national security at a strategic level.

Israeli placed the Gaza Strip under siege in June of 2007. The army closed all crossings leading in and out of Gaza leaving the 1.5 million Palestinians living in the costal enclave in short of Food, fuel and Medical supplies.

Rafah crossing was handed over to the Palestinians by Israel in 2005 under international supervision. In 2006 when Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip after ousting President Mahmoud Abbas forces Egypt closed Rafah crossing and only opened it two to three days a month for humanitarian cases only.


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