Itamar Murder Suspect’s Facebook Page, Rotter’s Cozy Relationship With Shin Bet

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awad facebook screenshot

Awad Facebook screenshot

Shabak perp shot of awad

Shabak’s perp shot of Awad after his arrest

In this day and age it seems like every teenager has their own Facebook page.  It appears suspected murderers too are members of the club.  One of the two suspects in the murder of the Fogel family, Amjad Awad, has his own Facebook page.  There may not be that much that is odd or unusual about that.  But nonetheless, there are a few oddities about this one.First, the account appears to have Wall postings from only a three-day period in November.   Very few people on Facebook join and post for three days and then go silent.  So I wonder whether this is what happened or whether other postings more proximate to the dates of the murder may’ve been removed either by family or the Shabak.  What’s there now deals mostly with girls and sports.  One wishes that those were the interests he’d continued to pursue as a teenager instead of the activity he turned to after this period.

Amjad Awad

Facebook photo of Itamar murder suspect, Amjad Awad

Even more odd is that a Rotter member posted the precise personal image of the murder suspect from his Facebook page around April 12th, several days the Shabak announced his arrest.  The case was under a strict gag order (except for the reporting here naturally).  There can only be two reasons for this: either the Rotterite is a member of the security services or the image was leaked to him by a member of the security services.  Why would Shabak do such a thing?  Possibly because the image is so bizarre making the suspect look a bit like a gay hairdresser.  The disjunctions between the preening in the photo and the heinous acts of which he was accused would make him subject to even greater ridicule.  Needless to say, the Rotter thread with his image has been taken downas the site often does when the gag is protective of the prerogatives of the security services. In the cases of other gags, Rotter seems more willing to hew to an independent path and retain these threads.All of which means that Rotter appears to have an ultra-cozy relationship with Israeli security forces.  Nothing particularly wrong with that as long as everyone realizes that such members of Rotter have their own vested interests in what they upload there and the arguments they present there.

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