Jewish settlers raid Kifl Hares in bid to claim shrine

[ 30/04/2011 – 07:49 AM ]

SALFIT, (PIC)– Thousands of Jewish settlers raided Friday the West Bank town of Kifl Hares north of Salfit to perform traditional prayers at what they have claimed is the tomb of Joshua the son of Nun.

Israeli Radio put the number of settlers that raided the site from Thursday night to Friday morning at 15,000. They were protected by Israel occupation forces (IOF).

Among the worshipers were Rabbi Yona Metzger and Israeli minister Yuli-Yoel Edelstein and four members from the Israeli Knesset.

The IOF banned Palestinians from roaming or mobilizing as Jews made prayers at the tomb.

According to a fresh report by the PIC, there are three Islamic shrines in Kifl Hares, Dhul-Kifl, Dhul-Nun, and a shrine built by Sultan Saladin, which Israelis wish to convert into a biblical site, naming it the shrine of Joshua, who led Moses’ army into Palestine from Jericho.

Palestinians fear Israel wants to hijack the shrine in the center of the village and add it to the alleged Jewish heritage list, as was done with Ibrahimi and Bilal Ben Rabah mosques.

The Sultan Saladin shrine lies amid the town’s old houses and has such Islamic features as a dome and green prayer niche facing Makkah.

The place was built by Sultan Saladin. Locals say they saw inside the date of construction etched in a rock alongside a Quranic verse.



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