Khater calls for comprehensive national plan for Jerusalem after reconciliation

[ 01/05/2011 – 12:20 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dr. Hassan Khater, the secretary general of the Islamic Christian society for the support of Jerusalem, hoped that the Palestinian national reconciliation would boost concern with the issue of Jerusalem.

Khater said in a press release on Sunday that Jerusalem paid a heavy price as a result of the inter-Palestinian rift, explaining that Israel exploited the division to increase its Judaization of the holy city, intensify settlement activity, and impose de facto conditions on the Aqsa Mosque and other holy shrines.

He said that the current situation in Jerusalem necessitates greater concern and plans, adding that Jerusalem was impatiently waiting for a national, comprehensive plan to confront the Judaization threat.

Return to national unity should entail an essential upgrading in the concern for Jerusalem starting with the national plan that should help the Palestinian leadership and Arab and international institutions concerned with Jerusalem to restore the balance to the confrontation with occupation, he concluded.


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