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May 1, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1418 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

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A message to US Congress: Take your money and shove it

Israel prevents Abbas from entering Gaza 3 days before signing of Palestinian reconciliation agreement

Whining About The Death Of Zionist Terrorists

Injuries, arrests, chemical solution hosing and plenty of teargas at the Nabi Saleh Demo – النبي صالح NABI SALEH 29-4-2011  – video

PA security chief optimistic on unity

American Women Hospitalized with Head Injury After West Bank Protest

Seattle: Anti-Israel billboard ads to be removed,7340,L-4063089,00.html

PA could fail to pay salaries if revenues held

Report: Mash’al arrives in Cairo for Abbas meet

Egypt says intends to open Gaza border permanently

Israel’s freeze of Palestinian funds is blackmail and piracy – video

State appeals order to release minimum Gaza food info

Egypt calls on US to recognize Palestinian state,7340,L-4063039,00.html

Lieberman’s party website hacked

Hamas leadership denies it intends to leave Syria

Israel court dismisses petition for Gaza war victims



‘Israel secretly requested Mashaal’s visit to Ankara’

Israeli drones see everything – so why do they target innocent civilians?

When Montgomery comes to Nabi Saleh

Palestinian unity threat to Israel

Soldiers charged with abusing Palestinian minor,7340,L-4063012,00.html

Delays at Allenby go unexplained

Violent clashes erupt anew in Silwan

Mishaal arrives in Cairo at head of delegation

I am not going to watch this alone

Event: Pro-Israeli activists try to silence Israel’s critics

Touching testimony from Damascus: Awaiting death…And I shall not carry flowers to my grave.

It begins: Israel freezes tax transfers to PA over unity deal

PA security chief to head to Gaza ahead of Abbas visit


Border policewoman charged over mock execution of Palestinian teen

Israeli police arrest dozens of Palestinian workers:

Rafah open this week only for registered travelers

‘Israel pressures UN to stop Flotilla’

Jerusalem child dies in traffic accident

Israeli soldiers injure Palestinian worker

Israel blocks Palestinians cash over deal

60-year-old American woman injured in protest

Foreign activists beatn up by Israeli soldiers while trying to block Bulldozer path grazing land in Qalqiliya

Israel denies development rights in Gaza

Khater calls for comprehensive national plan for Jerusalem after reconciliation

Israel tells Egypt to keep Gaza crossing closed: officials

avinunu: Fayyad reduced to whining for “international community” to stand up to Israel, because his powerless pseudo-state can’t

60-year-old American injured in protest

Jerusalem child dies in traffic accident

Israeli soldiers injure Palestinian worker

Slander vs Sanity | Ken O’Keefe

Heated clashes erupt in several West Bank towns

Netanyahu keeps all guessing over talks with Egypt

Egypt warns Israel against meddling

‘ME awakening yields Palestine unity’


Israel to halt transfer of funds to P.A.

Activist Janet Kobren explains that Israel is pressuring the UN to stop the Flotilla while trying to persuade…

Egypt to Open Rafah Border Crossing

Heated clashes erupt in several West Bank towns

Jewish settlers seeped into the Iraq and Burin villages

Al Ma’asra Calls for National Unity during Weekly Demonstration. See

Palestinian PM Fayyad: Israeli suspension of funds to PA won’t stop unity

VIDEO: Another price for nonviolent Palestinian resistance: the ‘Skunk’

Salah: Reconciliation prelude to liberation of the Aqsa

Israel freezes cash transfers over unity deal

State appeals to Supreme Court to prevent exposure of document containing minimal calorie requirements for residents of the Gaza Strip

Israel ‘withholds’ Palestinian cash transfer

Obama urges Bahrain king to respect ‘universal rights’

Report: Egypt releases 2 Palestinian detainees

World Bank to give Palestinians $10M,7340,L-4062549,00.html

Israel suspends tax transfer to Palestinians

State to increase building enforcement in West Bank,7340,L-4062635,00.html

Israel outraged over Rafah reopening

Israel asks UN to set conditions on new Palestinian government

Israeli FM: Five European States to Recognize Hamas

Israel ‘withholds’ Palestinian cash transfer: Reports say Israel has suspended transfer of $88m to PA in view of…

Israel court dismisses petition for Gaza war victims

Minister: Israel worried by Egypt Rafah decision

Israel ‘withholds’ Palestinian cash transfer

Israel court dismisses petition for Gaza war victims

Wonderful article on the Palestinian nonviolent resistance. When Montgomery comes to Nabi Saleh

A minor, two others arrested amid West Bank raids

Work to Commence to Install Sewage Pipelines, Cremisan Area in Beit Jala

‘Hamas-Fatah unity deal will hold’

Israel concerned over Fatah-Hamas deal

Dutch government places IHH on terror list

A message to Congress: Take your money and shove it

Islamic Jihad mourns West Bank leader

Checkpoint Washington – Netanyahu: ‘America is a thing you can move very easily’

Death + Taxes: Clear Channel Pulls Pro-Palestine Billboards in Seattle

Itamar Murder Suspect’s Facebook Page, Rotter’s Cozy Relationship With Shin Bet

Pro-Zion Seattle never learns… How Zio-Protest prevent a local billboard & launch Intl. Awaress for Palestine

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