Resistance factions desire to co-sign reconciliation deal

[ 30/04/2011 – 04:43 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian resistance factions have praised the Hamas-Fatah national unity agreement as well as Egyptian efforts to achieve Palestinian unity.

”We congratulate Fatah and Hamas over this achievement, and we highly commend Egypt’s new position on ending the siege and permanently opening the Rafah land border crossing within the next ten days,” the factions said during a press conference they held on Saturday.

The factions called on the Egyptian leadership to invite all other Palestinian forces to sign the reconciliation agreement in a way that would ensure comprehensive reconciliation without leaving any hotbeds of tension in the Palestinian arena.

In an interview with Quds Press, Fatah and Hamas leaders confirmed that a ”new spirit” prevailing talks in Cairo following the 25 January revolution showed as Egypt was keen to achieve Palestinian reconciliation without pressuring involved parties.

They said that the element that eased the reaching of the deal was the agreement that the split had cost the Palestinians dearly and that Israel used that to escalate aggression on the Palestinians and further Judaize Jerusalem.

Concerning guarantees that the deal will be a success, senior Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed and Hamas official Ezzat al-Resheq assured that the stage of division and the hefty costs paid by the Palestinians during that phase are the guarantee, adding that good intentions and Egypt after the revolution can also be considered as guarantees for that.



Israel is outraged. An agreement or unity between Palestinians is their biggest nightmare, for rule and divide serves their real intention: Ethnic cleansing and annexation of the whole of Palestine. That Israel, never had, nor will have any intention to reach a peace agreement with Palestine you can read here:

In this ongoing atrocities, funded by US Tax payers:

To learn about the truth behind occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the Nakba – watch these video’s

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