Mofaz Calls for Assassinating Palestinian Leaders

PNN – Palestine News Network – 03.05.11 – 15:25

Tel Aviv – PNN – Chirman of the Israeli Parliamentary Committee for Forging Affairs and Security Shaul Mofaz of the right wing Kadima asked the Israeli government to assassinate Palestinian leaders like the US did with Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.


MP Shaul Mofaz

Mofaz added that the US new assassination strategy comes from Israel’s policies of targeting Palestinian leaders after the attack on the Israeli Olympics team in Germany back in 1972.

 During an interview with the Israeli radio on Tuesday morning Mofaz said that assassination strategy Israel did proved to be successful adding that it must be resumed targeting Hamas leaders based in Gaza if attacks comes from there.

Even though the international law prohibits the use of extra judicial assassination policies, Mofaz said that this is legitimate act.


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