Prisoner hospitalised after sudden health deterioration

[ 02/05/2011 – 09:51 PM ]

TUBAS, (PIC)– Prisoner Abdul-Salam Bani Odeh from the West Bank town of Tamoun near Tubas was urgently transported to the Ramle prison hospital after a sudden deterioration of health that followed a severe medical crisis a few days earlier.

Inmates thought at first that Bani Odeh had passed away after he uttered the testimony of his faith before taking his last breaths according to their accounts, the Palestinian Prisoner Society said in a statement on Monday.

He was then taken by ambulance to the Aqula hospital where tests were taken.

Doctors have yet to diagnose the illness, but they suspect he has a severe lung inflammation.

Meanwhile, Palestinians held at the Israeli Nafha prison have begun a hunger strike protesting the Israeli Prison Service’s policy of constant provocative search raids, the prisoner studies center in Palestine reported.

“The IPS provoked the feelings of prisoners when the inspection team was accompanied by [an officer] who dared to contact the family of one of the prisoners, and an internal decision had been made to confront the officer if he entered the section,” the prisoners said.

Prisoner representative Alaa Abu Jazar then complained to the IPS, which in turn responded by rescinding his right to speak on behalf of the prisoners.

The prisoners reacted with protests and brought all utility workers into the prison until the IPS would agree to abide by the previous agreement that the officer would not enter the prison during searches.



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