Egyptian committee to help Palestinians restructure security forces

Khalifa Gab Allah Agencies | Thu, 05/05/2011 – 16:49 | Al Masry Al Youm

Photographed by Reuters

Photographed by Reuters

A committee led by the undersecretary of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service, Mohamed Ibrahim, will head to Gaza next week to help restructure its security apapratus, Palestinian sources said.

The move is part of agreements reached through an Egypt-brokered reconciliation deal clinched in Cairo on Wednesday by Hamas and Fatah, the largest Palestinian factions, and other groups.

The deal obliges Egypt to provide assistance in improving Palestinian security performance.

The committee will include security experts from other Arab states and will work on restructuring security services to improve efficiency away from partisan considerations, in an implicit reference to the four-year rift that Fatah and Hamas have agreed to repair.

The same sources said the committee will initially oversee the restructuring of police forces in Gaza and the West Bank before working with other security services.

Translated from the Arabic Edition


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