Report: Israelis behind 42 Jerusalem land violations in April

[ 05/05/2011 – 11:17 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A report issued by the Land Research Center in Jerusalem on Wednesday documents that Israeli forces carried out 42 property infringements against the people of Jerusalem in April 2011.

The monthly report describes the infringements saying that the Israeli occupier forced locals to demolish their own homes and threatened to seize some homes for the interest of settlement activity in the holy city

The report records 37 residence rights violations, including that one man was forced to tear down his home in the Wadi al-Jawz neighborhood in Silwan. 32 other families, that consisted of 280 members, were threatened with evictions from their homes, the report says.

Israeli police physically assaulted the Uwaidas after raiding their home and a local supermarket, the report goes on to say, adding that another man Moussa Ahmed Badran was forced to close his carwash for fear that Israel’s Jerusalem municipality would demolish it as happened amid arrests and assaults in January earlier the same year.

Concerning land confiscation and settlement activity, the report says the Jerusalem municipality approved the renewal of a license to erect a settlement colony nucleus on land owned by Palestinians including the Abu Taa’e family in the Sheikh Jarrah district.



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