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May 6, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1423 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

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Demo In Nabi Saleh Under Siege and Severe Israeli Violence | May 6, 2011 | Live Updates by Joseph Dana

Clashes kick off at Al-Bustan tent again

Fatah official prevented from leaving Gaza (updated)

Gaza crossing closed for weekend

Israel rejects UN ‘diktat’ on peace

IOF troops arrest Hamas leader Majed Hasan

Ramallah “sovereignty”: when u need some1 to pay ur own state employees because some1 else can block ur income

Israel no longer central actor in Middle East

Extremist Israelis Disrupt Talks for Palestinian Nonviolent Leader In Paris

The rights of Israel

Hamas flags fly across West Bank

Vital accord for Palestine

Goldstone: Israel’s War on Gaza, Finkelstein, Weiss – video

Netanyahu ‘furious’ at British welcome for unity deal

Palestinian youth form coalition to protect reconciliation agreement

Thirty days: A farewell to Juliano Mer-Khamis

Palestinian youth rally in Ramallah

Occupation security men raid Mosque and arrest two worshipers in Jerusalem

IOF troops arrest Islamic Jihad leader Bassam al-Saadi and four others

Palestinian youth rally in Ramallah

Occupation security men raid Mosque and arrest two worshipers in Jerusalem

Barenboim: It’s worth having a diaogue with Gazans – Jerusalem Post

Some Palestinians Perplexed by Fatah-Hamas Deal

Palestinian civil society leader Ameer Makhoul arrested one year ago today

Hamas implies acceptance of Israel

Cyprus upgrades Palestinian delegation to mission

In Gaza, hope that words of unity will become real

Haneyya calls for an honest implementation of reconciliation

avinunu: If EU continues aid to Palestinians thru “alternative” mechanism to Abbas-Hamas PA, it shows PA is even more pointless

Islamic Movement in 1948 Palestine to Unify

Mishaal: reconciliation requirements must be implemented immediately

Anti-wall protests celebrate national unity

Interpalestinien agreement “great satisfaction” in Algiers

“The president…speaks like MLK but operates in the international area like a right-wing…outlaw from Alabama”

Netanyahu Fails In Bid To Lobby Allies Into Rejecting Unity Deal

UNRWA stages first Gaza marathon – UNRWA article 05/05/2011:

UNRWA and EU launch young Palestinian photographers’ exhibit – UNRWA press release 05/05/2011:

The #PalTweets Daily is out!

Prominent academic to return honorary CUNY degree over uni’s veto on similar degree to Tony Kushner for Israel criticism

The trustee who blocked honorary degree for Tony Kushner suggests that Palestinians are “not human.”

Egyptian-led committee to beef up Palestinian security next week

Activists: 15-year-old arrested at West Bank protest(updated)

Beitawi: national reconciliation and security coordination with IOF incompatible

Israeli Fear-Mongering about Iran Faces a Barak-lash

Netanyahu due for White House talks (updated)

Netanyahu aide skips UK trip fearing arrest ( updated )

Netanyahu: France says PA must OK Jewish state

Abbas, Mash’al agree to form government ‘soon’ (updated)

Hamas supporters demonstrate in Nablus in support of national reconciliation

Israeli bill to give settler group authority in Silwan (how Israel govt assists extremist settlers in J’lem)

European Commission Approves Eur 85 MM for the Palestinian People

Mufti of Lebanon welcomes Palestinian Reconciliation

Don’t Use the Holocaust to Justify Zionism – video

World Leaders Warn Israel Not to Impound Palestinian Tax Funds

امتداد المواجهات حتى رأس العامود والثوري

Animation 90 seconds on Gaza Closed Zone:

Fatah official prevented from leaving Gaza

Report: Man jailed over mistaken identity

Annual Palestinian Conference to Commence in Germany Tomorrow

Haniyeh, Mashaal Urge Respect for Unity Deal

Oppressing West Bank Palestinian Children

Return to Palestine – video

Fatah Confirms Readiness to Implement Reconciliation Agreement

MB Chairman: Palestine and the New Era

Three Injured, Four Arrested as Troops Attack West Bank anti-Wall Protests

UNRWA Director in Lebanon Reviews Medical Assistance to Palestinian Refugees

Norway Joins Ranks Supporting Unified Palestine

Seeing With Their Hearts

Israeli occupation steps up measures in the W.B. in response to reconciliation

Qassam Brigades mourn a field commander

Activists: 15-year-old arrested at West Bank protest

The Elders Welcome Palestinian Reconciliation

Good to hear Moderates speak out! “Archbishop of Canterbury Says Christian Zionism Not Part Of Christian Tradition”

PCHR Weekly Report: Seven Palestinians Wounded by Israeli Gunfire Since Last Thursday

Free speech, free press in a future Palestinian U.N. state?

Hamas And Fatah To Meet Soon Over Unity Government

UK: An Israeli lesson for the Liberal Democrats

EU moves to secure itself inside a ’separation wall’

Worldwide just-peace action on Israel and Palestine announced

Youth arrested, clashes continue

Israel to demonize Palestinian union

Many Holocaust victims were anti-Zionist. Whether they like it or not they are part of the new Israeli national ID.

More Palestinians in East Jerusalem opting for “self-demolition” of property to avoid fine (70 recorded in 2010)

Israel’s lucrative weapons exports depend on how effectively it kills Palestinians

Israeli Army: We use Gaza military operation to test new weapons

Army Demolishes Ten Homes Near Hebron

Egypt breaks from US, Israel by brokering unity deal:

Rafah crossing travel schedule

A. Friend: Visiting the Land

Hard work yet to start on Palestinian unity

Haniyeh urges respect for unity deal

Hamas To Allow Fateh Leaders To Travel To Ramallah

President Carter: US Support of Unity can Help Palestinian Democracy and Establish a Unified State

Daniel Barenboim’s solidarity concert reverberates around the world as Gazans cheer

Canada boat to Gaza purchased, named ‘Tahrir’ and ready to sail

Army Demolishes Ten Homes Near Hebron: Israeli soldiers demolished on Thursday ten Palestinian homes in th…

Boycott Bibi!

Israeli Confessions – video

OPT: Cut off from healthcare


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