Palestinian youth form coalition to protect reconciliation agreement

Friday, 06 May 2011 17:30| MEMO

A Palestinian youth group has launched a campaign aimed at protecting the Palestinian national reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo on Wednesday, May 4th, during a ceremony attended by all Palestinian factions.

The campaign organizers have said that they decided to form the ‘Coalition for the Protection of the Reconciliation’ in order to monitor any violations of the agreement’s terms by those party to it, adding that the Palestinian people hoped that the agreement would end the tragedies of the division that has lasted for four years.

In a press release, the organizers invited the Palestinian youth and all Palestinian citizens wherever they may be in the Palestinian territories, to “monitor any violations of the terms of the reconciliation agreement and email it to the campaign’s email address (”

They noted that the campaign would issue regular reports on the Palestinian reconciliation “in an effort to protect this agreement which was received by the Palestinian people with cautious optimism due to fear of a repeat of what happened with previous agreements”


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