Conferees in Gaza urge Arabs to save O. Jerusalem

[ 07/05/2011 – 02:31 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian political and academic figures called on the Arab nations to pay more attention to the issue of occupied Jerusalem and help its indigenous people to stay steadfast in the face of Israel’s Judaization and fait accompli policies.

This came in the fifth scientific conference that was organized on Saturday by the faculty of arts at the Islamic University in Gaza under the title “Jerusalem historically and culturally.”

Head of the trustees board at the university Jamal Al-Khudari said this conference on Jerusalem was held to defend the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem and the rights of its people.

“Jerusalem is crying for help because it is being devoured by the occupation,” Khudari stressed.

For his part, Palestinian lawmaker Khaled Abu Arafa called in a speech over the phone for necessarily paying attention to Jerusalem and the dangers threatening it especially the exile policy pursued by Israel against its people.

Abu Arafa pointed to Israel’s violations in the holy city, especially its Judaization activities, the demolition of homes, the displacement of Palestinians from their native city, and the growing number of Jerusalemite children arrested recently.

Head of the conference’s preparatory committee Abdulhadi Barhoum hailed the role of the Islamic University in developing the Palestinian society and inspiring all creative people to look for more progress and enlightenment for their lives.

Barhoum stated that the conference would be for two days and would include literary, historical, religious, and geographical discussions about Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque held in six sessions.



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