Occupation gives notice to 50 Palestinian families to leave Jerusalem

[ 06/05/2011 – 09:17 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– In the latest of a series of measures by the Israeli occupation to empty Jerusalem of its indigenous population, the occupation authorities gave eviction notices to about 50 families from the Saraya’a clan who live in the Abu Hindi valley east of the occupied holy city.

Locals sources said that IOF troops on Thursday raided the Saraya’a clan’s camp and gave notice to the residents of Bedouin camp to leave within two weeks.

The clan lives in a camp which separates the Kidar and Maaleh Adumim settlements and refuse to leave their place of residence.

The PIC reported two years ago that Israel was strenuously working on creating greater Jerusalem that would eat up 10% of the entire West Bank area, according to a statement by Khalil Tafakji, an expert on Israeli settlements and the director of the maps center for Arab studies.

He stated that Israel also plans to separate northern West Bank from its southern areas and works against the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The settlements’ expert explained that the Kidar and Maaleh Adumim settlement bloc east and north of occupied Jerusalem over an area of 191 square kilometers would absolutely prevent establishment of a Palestinian state geographically connected with Jerusalem as its capital.



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