Coffin of Palestinian Division at Bil’in Demo against the Apartheid Wall – video

yisraelpnm on May 6, 2011

42 Israelis and a bunch of internationals joined Palestinian women, men and children for the weekly demonstration in Bil’in against the wall, land grab and occupation army violence. Two locals dressed up as Fatah and Hamas leaders, escorting the coffin of Palestinian division to burial.

When demonstrators reached the fence they were attacked with gas, skunk water and sound bombs. The coffin, which was put on fire, was drenched with the skunk water, sending the message already expressed by prime minister Netanyahu, ‘we shit on Palestinian unity’..

The shabab continued demonstrating along the Wadi to the north of the village, where one 15 year old boy was ambushed and arrested, and another injured his leg. The gas canisters caused several bush fires that threatened the villagers’ olive trees.

Source | Palestine Video Vlog 

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