Erekat: Recognition of Palestinian State is Not Unilateral Step

RAMALLAH, MAY 8, 2011 (WAFA)- Fatah Executive Committee Member, Saeb Erekat, Sunday  told WAFA that heading to the United Nations (UN) for the recognition of the Palestinian state is not a unilateral step as Israel claims, it’s a step to be followed.
He said that the decision to head to the UN Security Council 35 days before the General Assembly holds its meeting is an implementation of the UN’s laws.
He stressed that the two-state solution can only be achieved if the Palestinian state is recognized, pointing out that approaching the UN is one of the options and not the only one.
“If Israel stops settlement activities and acknowledges the peace process references, then we can return to negotiations with Israel”, Erekat added.
He said that the international recognition of the upcoming Palestinian state will not be achieved without the Palestinian reconciliation which recently was reached and needs an international support.


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