Khater warns of Israeli revenge measures in Occupied Jerusalem

[ 08/05/2011 – 04:54 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dr. Hassan Khater, the secretary general of the Islamic Christian society for the support of Jerusalem and holy shrines, warned of Israeli revenge measures in occupied Jerusalem.

He explained in a statement on Sunday that Israel was deeply disturbed by the Palestinian reconciliation and could start aggressive steps against Jerusalem’s inhabitants, holy shrines, and land.

He disclosed that the planning and construction committee in Jerusalem municipality endorsed a few days ago the biggest and most serious settlement project in occupied Jerusalem targeting Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Khater said that the committee passed the project carrying the number 29465 which stipulates the building of 386 houses over an area of 8 dunums along with a synagogue, a Talmudic school, and a kindergarten.

The execution of that project would lead to the displacement of 300 Palestinian Jerusalemites, he underlined.

The secretary general said that the project along with three others in the same suburb would isolate the northern area of occupied Jerusalem.

He also pointed to the Israeli occupation authority’s sudden decision to look into the demolition of Bustan suburb’s homes en masses next Wednesday.

Khater said that the implementation of the Israeli projects would lead to dissecting the holy city, and isolating the Old City and the holy shrines.

Weak reactions to such schemes were not enough and would not deter the IOA from going ahead in its crimes, Khater said.



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