Palestinians Call for Boycott of “Israeli” Products in Response to “Israeli” Freeze of Money

Al Moqawama | Lebanon | English | May 11, 2011

Nationalist forces in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarm Tuesday called for a boycott of “Israeli” products in response for “Israel’s” decision to withhold Palestinian tax revenues.
Following the inter-Palestinian reconciliation that took place between the Palestinian factions including Fatah and Hamas, “Israel” decided to withhold more than $100 million in Palestinian tax revenues.

“Israeli” authorities collect these taxes on behalf of the Palestinian Authority every month on goods entering its ports but destined to the Palestinian Territory in retaliation for the reconciliation between the Palestinian factions.

The decision prevented the PA from paying April salaries to about 150,000 Palestinian public employees.
According to the Nationalist forces, “Israel” aims through this decision to sabotage the reconciliation agreement, delay the recognition of the Palestinian state in September, and punish the Palestinian people.

Therefore, the Palestinians urged they all must boycott the “Israeli” products and stand united in support of the reconciliation agreement.


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