3rd Intifada, Israel’s fade-out

PressTV – Thu May 12, 2011 4:44AM

Palestinians commemorate the launch of the Second Intifada in al-Jalil (Galilee), October 1, 2010.
An Iranian pro-Palestine group has envisioned the prospects of the Third Intifada and the disappearance of Israel on the occasion of the Islamic awakening and the 63rd anniversary of Palestine’s occupation.

The Iranian Society of the Supporters of the Freedom of the Noble al-Quds noted in its special message dated May 15, 2010 [the anniversary of the occupation] that, after many years, the trend of the events and developments on the arena of the international and regional relations made the Muslim Ummah (nations) aware of the fact that one of the greatest obstacles in the way of Palestine’s freedom is the rule of the rulers who are dependent on and the puppets of the camp of the international Zionism in the Muslim countries from the Arab Middle East to North Africa.

In this regard, the fall of the United States and Israel-dependent monarchy in Iran and the victory of the Islamic Revolution constituted the turning point in the history of the region and the world.

The international imperialist establishment’s Jewish and Masonry planners and policymakers devised and implemented all kinds of schemes against Iran’s Muslim nation and the nascent Islamic establishment to prevent the spread of the Islamic Revolution’s strong ripples.

Despite the measures, it is said in the message, besides the wisdom, courage, brilliance and foresighted management of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the unity and sacrifice of the people of the cherished Iran, the divine tradition was determined in such a way that, not only does the divine offering in our trust remain safe and secure from the time’s conspiratorial incidents, but also the brightness of the beautiful dawn shines upon the Muslim nations and the world from the horizon of Jamaran (the home area of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini).

It was no more than a few months following the victory of the Islamic movement in Iran, when Ayatollah Khomeini called the Islamic awakening key to the problems of the Muslims and the world and said, “Muslims must awake. Today is not a time for each Muslim to lead a special existence in some corner. This cannot be. At a time like this, when the policy of the superpowers is to devour every part of the world, Muslims must awake…I do not have a hope in most of the governments, but the nations must awake and come under the banner of Islam and the rule of the Qur’an.”

His Excellency would invariably and through separate messages describe return to Islam the only solution to the issues of the Muslim world and encourage the world’s Muslims to form Hezbollah resistance nuclei and considered support for the Islamic struggle of the Muslims part of the Islamic establishment’s strategy in Iran.

It was so that, barely a decade following the victory of the Islamic Revolution and a few months after the message, in 1987, for the first time in the history of the occupation, the Palestinians launched bloody uprisings throughout the occupied land, causing the land to tremble under the feet of the occupiers and letting the Jewish occupiers and their international and regional backers and allies taste the bitter taste of Israel’s fragility and vulnerability for the first time.

Following this, Imam Khomeini said in a message, “The uprising of the Palestinian people is not a spontaneous incident. Does the world imagine who have written this epic and what goals the Palestinian nation relies on that makes them resist the violent strikes by the Zionists (Israelis) so fearlessly and with bare hands?…There is no doubt that this is the sound of Allah-o-Akbar (God is Great) — this is the same outcry of nations that made the Shah in Iran and the usurpers in al-Quds hopeless.”

In their statement, the Society of the Supporters of the Freedom of the Noble al-Quds has further emphasized that the people’s Intifada in Palestine very well revealed that the nascent tree of Islamic awakening in the land of Muslims has blossomed and soon its flowers will perfume the whole Muslim world.

While the movement of Islamic awakening was in blossom, the Islamic Revolution in Iran introduced a new discourse into the culture and political literature of the region and the world.

Reviving religious identity, trusting in religion and religious democracy, launching a quest for justice, independence, self-esteem, self-reliance and the possibility of progress in different fields of economy, science and technology, tearing bonds of dependence and slavery, resentment for the enemy, bravery and resistance against expansionist powers, shattering the image of the world’s colonial establishment and shaking the basis of Zionism and the West’s liberal democracy… have all been part of the pure Islamic discourse and a gift from the Muslim people of Iran for their brothers and sisters all over Muslim territories.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei noted, “The Islamic Revolution in Iran is like a pure tree the fruits of its 32-year-long resistance continue to live in the form of the nation’s majesty, the Islamic establishment’s political success, progress and innovations in various areas of science and economy and not bowing to oppressor powers; and [the revolution] has now turned into a model for the nations in the region.”

“Today the new Muslim generation ranging from Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, the UAE and Kuwait to Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and others, in one voice and with the same slogan are calling for respect,… freedom, independence and their Islamic majesty.”

The statement by the society further emphasized that nowadays all Muslims have come to understand the fact that the fate of all puppet rulers in Muslim nations, from Arab states in the Middle East to the Horn of Africa, is tied with that of the “Zionist empire” and the Israeli regime as their operational headquarters in Palestinian territories.

The pervasive and integrated uprisings of Muslim nations have not only brushed away the Israelis’ dream of occupying lands from the Nile to the Euphrates, Mecca and Medina in Hejaz, but have upset their hopes of establishing a universal Jewish government.
Undoubtedly, it is the same strategic developments that have terrified the world’s colonial and Zionist establishment in a way that they have asked some puppet kings and dictators in the region to quell protests in other countries, such as Bahrain and Yemen, through invasions and military offensives and the massacre of their people.

Today, the fate of Palestine, Palestinians and the cause of librating East al-Quds [Jerusalem] and the oppressed, besieged people of Palestine is tied to the liberation of other Muslim territories from the grip of oppressive rulers and allies of the Zionists.

Liberation and independence of every part of the Islamic land from the domination of these rulers is a step toward the liberation of Palestine.

The great, unprecedented and historic movement of the Palestinians, i.e. the integrated and steady departure of millions of Palestinians from across the world toward their homeland in the occupied territories and the launch of the third Intifada on may 15, on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the occupation of that territory by Jewish occupiers and [on the occasion of] the reconciliation of the two major Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah and their determined resolution to pursue the goal of liberating their homeland and the consequences of this event on Palestinians, especially in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are only to be analyzed and studied from this point of view.

This society views the 63rd year of the occupation of Palestine as a turning point and another starting point in line with the wave of Islamic awakening from the Middle East to the Horn of Africa and even the heart of Europe, and has quoted Ayatollah Khamenei as saying, “This wave of Islamic awakening will sure advance to the heart of Europe, and European nations will rise against their politicians and rulers who have surrendered them completely to the cultural and economic policies of the US and Zionists.”

Thus the raging waves of the Islamic awakening movement will result in the disgrace of Israel, and the downfall and destruction of Zionists and their allies in the Muslim world, and the freedom of East al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Palestinians.



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