Armed settlers stopping Palestinian farmer from plowing his land – video

eappiyanoun on May 12, 2011

EAPPI accompanied Rashed, a farmer and head of the village council in Yanoun (West Bank, oPt), when he went to plow his fields. The authorities were notified and an Israeli army jeep was there to keep settlers away.

Despite that, two settler jeeps which arrived were let onto into the fields, where they showed guns (M16) and effectively stopped Rashed from attending his land.
Repeated calls to the Palestinian DCO finally made things better, the settlers left and Rashed could resume plowing – but he was not allowed access to all his land by the Israeli soldiers, who said the settlers didn’t allow him closer to the outpost (which is illegal under international law).

Source : Palestine Video Vlog | Archive for all Videos about Palestine Go take a Look!


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