Fayyad: We will not Surrender to Israeli Purser

12.05.11 – 11:00| PNN
Ramallah – Husam Iz-Deen/PNN- Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, announced that the Palestinian Authority is widening its efforts and contacts with international states to force Israel to release 105 million USD it withhold of Palestinian tax money adding that “Until now there is no results”.

ImageFayyad criticized local skeptics explaining that the PA can’t pay its 170,000 emplyees divided between Gaza and the west Bank because Israel is holding the tax money it collects on borders on behalf of the PA.

The PM added that as soon as Israel release the money all employees will be paid noting that this move by Israel is aimed at creating an atmosphere of instability in light of the Palestinian reconciliation deal and the future Palestinian state slated to be announced in September.

Fayyad said that the government is unable to bay in addition to the employees the monthly payments for poor families in embassies abroad as well.

During the meeting with local journalists Fayyad announced that the government will not take loans from banks as its loans have reached 890 million USD so far and international dept has reached 1.45 billion USD.

On the EU aid, the PM said that 85 million EUR donated by the EU is part of 145 million ERU donation that the PA have used 60 million of it to pay salaries for March and April while the 88 million ERU will be used to cover June and July.



Israel is outraged. An agreement or unity between Palestinians is their biggest nightmare, for rule and divide serves their real intention: Ethnic cleansing and annexation of the whole of Palestine. That Israel, never had, nor will have any intention to reach a peace agreement with Palestine you can read here:

In this ongoing atrocities, funded by US Tax payers:

To learn about the truth behind occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the Nakba – watch these video’s

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