Nakba Survivor | Rosa Remembers Palestine – video

A rare, in-depth interview with an original refugee/survivor of Al Nakba, which is Arabic for The Catastrophe, referring to when Zionist Jews came to Palestine in 1947, and committed on-going acts of terror against the Palestinian people living there, in order to drive the Palestinians out of their homeland, and create a Jewish state: Israel.

Rosa tells her moving and tragic personal story in detail of how she and her family were forced by Zionist Jewish terrorist gangs to flee from their homes, their orchards, and their successful flour mill business in Jaffa, Palestine, which were all taken by the Zionists, who never compensated Rosa, nor any Palestinians for this theft.

Nor were the Palestinian refugees ever allowed their right to return. Rosa describes the injustices and horrors which she witnessed at that time, which still haunt her to this day. The interview is interspersed with original photos of Palestine taken around 1947 and 1948, as well as more recent video footage taken around 2003 of Israel’s Apartheid Wall, Israel’s demolishing of Palestinian homes en masse, and the Israeli army going in to thickly populated Palestinian cities in tanks and shooting randomly into crowded apartment buildings, while the Palestinians only have rocks to protect themselves.

Rosa’s story has been suppressed until this landmark documentary was made.


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