Prisoners in Nafha jail exposed to constant violations by Israeli jailers

[ 12/05/2011 – 10:40 AM ]

Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Palestinian prisoners in Nafha jail said they are exposed to serious nazi violations and punitive measures by the Israeli prison administration.

This came during a telephone conversation between a representative of the prisoners inside the jail and a reporter for the Palestinian information center (PIC).

The prisoner told our reporter that the administration of Nafha jail took a number of punitive measures against them after they protested racist and inhumane acts practiced against them on a daily basis.

According to the complaint, the prison administration sends repeatedly a unit of soldiers to violently storm the prisoners’ cells and rooms at night to carry out searches.

At about one or two o’clock in the morning Israeli soldiers from the Mitsada unit raid the rooms, drag the prisoners out and physically assault them using stun batons, rubber bullets and chilli pepper spray.

The prisoners are also forced to strip fully naked in front of Israeli jailers after and before they are visited by their families.

Many prisoners in this jail suffer from cancer, heart problems, skin infections and other serious diseases which are unknown or related to abdomen, colon and eyes and do not receive medical treatment.

Seven from the detainees might lose their eyesight anytime because of the medical neglect and they urgently need surgical intervention.

Meanwhile, the international Tadamun society for human rights issued a comprehensive study about the policy of administrative detention used by Israel against the Palestinians.

The study included a full explanation of the administrative detention and talked about the situations in which Palestinians are administratively detained and the judicial stages they have to come through during this type of detention.

Researcher for Tadamun society Ahmed Betawi told the PIC that this kind of detention is used by Israel without any charge or guilt to humiliate the Palestinians and break their will.



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