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Today, 13th of May 2011, the people of Bil’in commemorated the Nakba day. About 200 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals marched together towards the Wall. Some had dressed up as refugees from 1948, to commemorate those who were forced from their homeland 63 years ago. Also some were carrying a large key symbolizing all those refugees who still hold the key to their homes, not being allowed to return in spite of UN resolutution 194 that clearly states that all the refugees from 1948 must be allowed back and offered compensation.

The army had declared the village a closed military zone, trying to prevent people from reaching the village by setting up closures on all the roads around Bil’in. The army had also set up sementblocks and barbed wire in front of the Eastern gate in order to prevent people from reaching the gate. Hundreds of soldiers and border police had lined up on the military post and around the fence.

Clashes erupted between army and protesters, and large amounts of tear gas and sound bombs were used, in addition to sewage water sprayed at the protesters. Many people suffered from tear gas inhalation, and some were vomiting. Ahmed Abu Rahma was hit by a tear gas canister on his arm, causing pain.

The tear gas set fire to the dry ground several times, and protesters prevented it to spread. The demonstration lasted for about 2 hours

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