Arab MK to Israeli internal security: Stop playing with fire

[ 14/05/2011 – 03:00 PM ]

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Arab Knesset member Afu Eghbariye has warned the Israeli police force and other security apparatuses against igniting confrontations with the Arab population in 1948 occupied Palestine on the occasion of Nakba (catastrophe).

He described the presence of policemen at junctures in Palestinian towns as “provocative”.

The MK said that such presence might trigger confrontations with the Arab citizens, advising the internal security ministry not to “play with fire” and to desist from further incitement practices.

Eghbariye said that the Israeli police had planted disguised policemen in Um Al-Faham last October who assaulted citizens there. “The presence of such gangs in our villages is not acceptable”, he added.


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