Denial of Sanctity – Palestinians Prevented from Prayer in Al Aqsa Mosque – الصلاة المليونية المسجد الاقصى 13-5-2011 – video

Denial of Sanctity rights

Besides the continuous destruction of mosques and holy sites, turning some into animal barns and even night clubs, every Friday, Palestinians under 45 years of age (for men) and 40 years (for women) are prevented from Prayer in the third Holiest Site for Muslims in the world, which site is located in Jerusalem and called Al Aqsa Mosque. People are forced to pray in the Streets. Here’s a short clip.

ameerq1 on May 12, 2011

الصلاة المليونية المسجد الاقصى 13-5-2011
تم منع اهالي القدس من دخول البلدة القديمة وتم منع اهالي البلدة القديمة في القدس من دخول المسجد الاقصى

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