Palestine and Iraq solidarity campaign support “Return Marches”

[ 12/05/2011 – 10:00 PM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC) The Palestine and Iraq solidarity campaign in Lebanon expressed support for the Return March in Lebanon and all countries bordering Palestine and called the marches a turning point in the fight with the Zionist enemy.

A statement by the campaign on Friday said that the march in which “large numbers of Palestinians, Arabs and representatives of freedom movements around the world will participate, reaffirms that the right of return is a sacred, national, individual and a human right that no person, generation or a state has the right to relinquish.”

The statement also pointed out that the march is a practical answer to all schemes that aim to resettle Palestinian refugees and liquidate the Palestinian cause and proves that Palestinians are holding to their homeland and will accept none other.

The statement further emphasised that the Return March represents a rectification of the struggle compass of the Ummah towards its central cause and a rectification of any path that seeks to avert attention from the struggle with the enemy.

“The Return March highlights that Palestinian will not be liberated through official actions, negotiations or peace settlements, but the masses with and their path of defiance at all leves.”

The statement greeted all institutions, forces and individuals who were behind this initiative and called for the widest Palestinian and Arab participation so that the Nakba day is turned into the day of return, liberation and retrieval of rights.



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