Solidarity with Palestine in Egypt | by Themba Lewis – in pictures

Palestine & Unity Rally, Tahrir, 13 May 2011 | by Themba Lews Photography

In the early hours of May 8th violence broke out between Salafi Muslim and Coptic Christian factions in the Cairo neighborhood of Imbaba. Egyptians reacted with horror at a death toll of 10 and over 200 wounded. Two churches were burned down. I traveled to Imbaba that morning, but was not permitted in by my own sense of self-preservation and some quality advice, so I do not have photos (see CNN for the story of three journalists chased out under gunfire that same morning).  Even more concerning, however, is the threat that disunity poses to the Egyptian Revolution.  In response to the violence a unity rally was called for in Tahrir, coinciding with celebrations to mark the beginning of the Third Intifada, scheduled to begin tomorrow.

Third Intifada

Girls at Tahrir

Burning Flag


Plywood Sign

Tahrir 2 Israel

"Go to Hell"

Hands for Peace



Guys at Tahrir

A Man with writing all over him

Methods of Freedom

Naptime for the Children

Free Palestine Shirt

Palestinian Flags at Tahrir

Boy at Tahrir

Church and Mosque for Unity

The Cleanup

alJazeera @ Work

Hats for Sale

Kid with a Sign for Palestine


Styro Church and Mosque ... for Unity

A shop...



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