Al-Ma’asara – Israeli Army Attacks Nonviolent Demonstrators 13/5/2011 – video

mariosavio on May 13, 2011

Dozens of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists demonstrated together in the Palestinian village of Al-Ma’asara, near Bethlehem, against land grabs by Israeli settlements. The demonstration was completely non-violent, however the Israeli army decided to attack the demonstrators with stun grenades and tear gas. In addition, two demonstrators – one Israeli and one Palestinian – were arrested for no reason and taken away.

This is an example of how the Israeli army violently crushes any nonviolent protest by Palestinians and human rights activists. Demonstrations in Al-Ma’asara are held every Friday for more than 4 years now, and are always non-violent, however the Israeli army’s response is usually violent. Here are more examples of the Israeli army’s violent repression of peaceful resistance in Al-Ma’asara:

Source | PALESTINE VIDEO VLOG | Greatest Archive 4 Palestine Videos

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