Dozens Injured by Israeli Troops gunfire as They Attack Nakba Protests

15.05.11 – 14:17| PNN

Ramallah – PNN – At least 60 civilians were injured on Sunday when Israeli troops attacked Nakab protests in several parts of the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.


Injured in Gaza – Archive by AP

In Ramallah city central West Bank, 30 people were injured among them two in critical conditions when soldiers fired live rounds and tear gas at protesters who gathered at the Qalandiya ch3eckpoint separating Ramallah from East Jerusalem. Witnesses told PNN that soldiers were targeting the peaceful protesters by shooting directly at them.

Elsewhere 16 Palestinians were injured among them children when Israeli tanks and troops shelled a protest organized to commemorate the Nakaba in Beit Hannon in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Four civilians were arrested, one them injured, when troops attacked Nakba protest in the village of al-Walajeh, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  The protest started near the UNRWA school in the village where people set fire to a tent symbolizing that this is the last year they stay as refugees.

Later the protesters marched towards the old village of al-Walajeh which was destroyed in 1948 to make way for the creation of Israel. Troops attacked protesters as they reached the green line beat up one man and arrested him in addition to three others. Those arrested were identified as Ahmad Abu Khyara, Ahamd al-A’raj, Baseil al=A’raj, and Mazin Qumsyia.

Clashes were reported between local youth and Israeli soldiers who attacked Nakba protests in Hebron, southern West Bank and East Jerusalem. PNN sources reported clashes in the old city of Jerusalem, Sho’fat refugee camp and Sliwan near the old city. Meanwhile Israeli police and troops did not allow Palestinians from 1948 areas to enter Jerusalem fearing Nakba protests.



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