Hamdan: 63 years of forced migration, yet Palestine is still in memory

[ 15/05/2011 – 03:44 PM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– The rallies that intend to march on the 63 anniversary of the Nakba towards border areas in Palestine and some Arab countries would prove that 63 years of forced migration did not make the generations forget about their Palestine, director of Hamas’s foreign relations Osama Hamdan said on Saturday.

Hamdan made his remarks in a ceremony held in Beirut by Lebanese lawmaker Bahiya Al-Hariri to celebrate the signing of the Palestinian reconciliation deal and commemorate the Nakba anniversary.

“We say today, as the [Arab] peoples were able to regain their strength and change their regimes, our people today is also getting back their power and want to remove the occupation,” the Hamas official underscored in his speech.

For her part, MP Bahiya Al-Hariri hailed the Arab nations for revolting for their freedom and dignity.

At the same time, Hariri criticized the Arab nations for not recalling during the moments of their revolutions their central cause represented in the Palestinian people’s right to return and the establishment of their state with Jerusalem as its capital.

“Those who have ignored this cause realized eventually they were in a deep sleep, but the Arab awakening along with the Palestinian and national awakenings are ringing the bells of return to the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital…and now, now, not tomorrow, let the bells of return ring,” the lawmaker highlighted.



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