Israeli violence Injures People at Qalandia Nakba Memorial – in pictures

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Happening at Qalandiya now ~ by @ibnezra

Injuries in qalandia. I see at least four @ibnezra

nakba injured palestine

More injured in Qalandiya now ~ @ibnezra

More injured ~ by @ibnezra

3 head injuries so far in Qalandiya #Nakba demo. All shot in the head with tear-gas projectiles ~ by @PSCC_Palestine

3 head injuries in qalandiya

More Gas at Qalandiya ~ by @ibnezra!/ibnezra/status/69683504753033216

One woman is going in too shock from the gas in qalandiya

This is the scene now in Qalandiya ~ @ibnezra

Another photo of qalandiya right now #nakba

This is what Qalandiya looks like now

Another photo of Qalandiya right now

Qalandiya #Nakba demo still going strong despite massive use of tear-gas and rubber bullets

Another photo of Qalandiya

Now in #qalandiya

Getting out of control in Qalandiya

Clashes continue

Soldiers just charged. Stampade. Firing rubber bullets and maybe live

Qalandiya is literally on fire right now from tires

More tyres...

What is going on now in #qalandiya


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