Israel Shells Gaza Nakba Demonstrators, Suppresses Commemorations in West Bank, Israel

Sunday, 15 May 2011 10:27 Alternative Information Center (AIC)

The Israeli army shelled participants in the Nakba Day commemoration in the Gaza Strip, injuring several people near the Beit Hanoun Passage.


The Israeli military also shot rubber coated steel bullets and massive quantities of tear gas to suppress Palestinian Nakba day commemorations near the Qalandiya checkpoint of Ramallah and the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya.  It has further stopped a bus coming from the demolished Naqab village of El Araqib, detaining two people and not allowing the residents to participate in a Naqba commemoration in the North.

Israeli police and border police officers invaded the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya in the early morning hours, detaining four residents. The village is currently under closure and no one is allowed in or out. The army shot massive amounts of tear gas throughout the village, causing respiratory problems for numerous residents. Wafa Abu Humus called her husband, who was outside of the village working, and asked him to come and take the children out as they were having trouble breathing. The police, however, would not allow her husband back in the village, although his home and family are there. 

In September 2010, 18 month old Muhammad Abu Sneneh of Issawiya died from inhalation of tear gas shot by Israeli forces. 

Israeli police also stopped an international tourist walking in an Israeli city on suspicion that she intended to participate in a Nakba commemoration. Police demanded to see her camera and are now taking her to a police station for questioning



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